Innovate Alabama appoints Cynthia Crutchfield as first Chief Executive Officer

Innovate Alabama is a public-private collaboration in the state that intends to stimulate technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Cynthia Crutchfield has been given the role of first Chief Executive Officer of the organisation.

Before becoming the chief operating officer of The Crutchfield Company, which is based in Huntsville and invests in real estate, Crutchfield spent 18 years working for the government and also owned and operated her own firm that provided information technology services and consulting.

She attended Alabama A&M University and ultimately earned a degree from that institution. The native Montgomeryan will begin their employment on the first of December. According to Crutchfield, the mission of Innovate Alabama is to make it simpler for aspiring business owners to obtain the funding and assistance they require.

In her words: “My passions include business, assisting underserved communities, and enhancing the quality of life in our state. It is a privilege for me to serve as the organization’s leader as we work toward developing an inventive ecosystem that is capable of competing in the economy of the 21st century.”

Crutchfield will be in charge of the big picture of the organisation, which includes fostering the development of policy solutions and collaborating with the innovative businesses of the state. The first of December will mark her official start date at her new employment.

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