Instant Brands and CommerceIQ Collaborate to Address Business Needs

Instant Brands is able to improve their business agility, establish a single source of truth, and grow their share of voice based on hundreds of variant improvements thanks to the automations and actionable analytics provided by CommerceIQ.

The success of the corporation in retail ecommerce may be attributed, in large part, to all of these factors. Instant Brands was able to increase its market share in a variety of significant product categories by raising its profile through online retail outlets, such as Amazon and eBay.

Why CommerceIQ is the Backbone of Our Ecommerce Business?

Metrics and analytics are essential to the growth of our e-commerce business in a manner that is both scalable and sustainable for Instant Brands.

According to Shubhankar Goel, Senior Director, Head of ecommerce marketing & DTC, “We are unable to make the appropriate decision in the absence of the appropriate information.” “CommerceIQ is the backbone of our ecommerce business” because to its powerful automation and insights, as well as its cooperation and desire to work together to achieve business goals.

The Instant Pot, Corelle, CorningWare, Pyrex, Snapware, Chicago Cutlery, and Visions are just a few of the well-known products that are distributed under the umbrella of Instant Brands.

This requires keeping track of hundreds of different stock-keeping units (SKUs) at hundreds of different retailers, where demand is rapidly increasing since people are spending more money during the pandemic on necessities like as kitchen appliances and cleaning products.

Instant Brands Simplifies Retail Ecommerce Technology to Boost Growth

Instant Brands quickly realised that in order to meet its aggressive goals for the growth of e-commerce, it needed to simplify its retail e-commerce technology stack in order to be able to keep track of and manage all of its sales channels.

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This enabled Instant Brands to meet its aggressive goals for e-commerce growth. Instant Brands is able to effectively manage and expand its business across all retailers by utilising the full Retail Ecommerce Management platform provided by CommerceIQ.

These retailers include Amazon, Walmart, Target, and a great number of others. This is made possible by a centralised source of data and automation that can serve the needs of all retail establishments.

Instant Brands is able to not only increase business efficiency but also the consumer experience by automatically deleting third-party variants and duplicate listings and minimising the number of out-of-stocks.

Instant Brands and CommerceIQ collaborated in order to not only address the pressing business requirements of Instant Brands but also to make preparations for the company’s potential expansion.  Both companies share a dedication to innovation.

CommerceIQ Partnering with Instant Businesses to Increase Revenue

The organisations collaborated in order to test and develop what would eventually become CommerceIQ Market Share, using a product strategy that put the client first.

CommerceIQ shown a degree of adaptability and a willingness to accommodate Instant Businesses’ requirements. Because of this, a system was developed that hundreds of brands now utilise to increase their revenue in the categories that are most important to them.

Having a partner that is both innovative and forward-thinking will be beneficial to both CommerceIQ and Instant Bands.

As a result of the fact that retail accounts for the lion’s share of revenue in e-commerce, consumer product companies need to have the ability to successfully traverse this muddy field.

According to Guru Hariharan, the Chief Executive Officer of CommerceIQ, many businesses manually integrate up to nine different siloed vendors in order to run their retail ecommerce operation.

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This results in a loss of financial resources and makes it more difficult to gain an accurate picture of how well their company is doing. The accomplishments of Instant Brands demonstrate how essential it is to have a centralised system for the automation and evaluation of retail web-based commerce.

We are overjoyed to be collaborating with Instant Brands, a leader in the industry, to revolutionise the retail e-commerce operations they run and to fuel the continued growth of the CommerceIQ platform.


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