Jake Paul Hit With New Charges for Allegedly Violating Order of Protection

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Jake Paul, the disgraced YouTuber notorious for his antics in Scottsdale, Arizona, has reportedly been hit with new charges by federal prosecutors for allegedly violating an order of protection during a 2018 mall runin.

The YouTuber, whos been making headlines in recent weeks for his exploits in the Dominican Republic, allegedly violated a court order of protection in 2018 that prohibited him from returning to a Scottsdale mall, which hed previously looted during a mass shooting.

The Associated Press reports that Pauls attorneys had already pled the case out to a $750 fine, but federal prosecutors have now refiled the case, claiming that Paul failed to turn over financial records as required by the terms of the deal.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorneys office says Paulfailed to comply with the order of protection. Pauls attorneys told the AP that the new charges wereridiculous and adiversion from thereal issues at hand.

A hearing on the new charges is scheduled for next week.