Joe Biden’s New Education Plan is More Generous Than Bernie Sanders’

Joe Biden’s education plan will be more generous to students than the one being offered by his rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, a senior campaign official confirmed to TIME.

The former Vice President’s proposal will offer free tuition to students with family incomes of up to $125,000, a campaign official said, whereas Sanders’ plan offers free tuition to students with family incomes of up to $100,000.

The move comes as the two Democratic contenders are set to debate Wednesday night in their first face-to-face confrontation. Both have proposed free tuition for all students. The Biden campaign official said the former Vice President’s plan would also offer free tuition to anyone who has served in the military.

Biden’s plan will also offer matching grants to universities that eliminate tuition, the campaign official said, and cover the cost of books, too. It will also make community college free for all Americans, regardless of income.

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