Join the UOAA for 25% Off During Rivalry Week!

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The alumni associations of the two colleges will compete against one another during Rivalry Week to determine which one has greater school pride before the football game that will take place on the last weekend of November.

From the 21st through the 28th of November, members of the University of Oregon Alumni Association (UOAA) will receive a discount of 25% off their membership due to Rivalry Week.

Everyone employed by the University of Oregon should seriously consider becoming a member of the UOAA.

Current employees of the University of Oregon will be eligible for a membership discount of fifty percent, reducing the annual payment from 45 dollars to 33.75 dollars and the lifetime rate from 600 dollars to 450 dollars.

You have the option of paying for an All-Access Pass with monthly payments spread out over a period of 10 months.

The UOAA shows its members how much it values them by providing them with incentives like discounts at stores that are only open to members, first dibs on football ticket sales, and other privileges.

These stores are exclusively open to members. When you pay your membership dues, the money you contribute goes toward things like scholarships for students who are currently enrolled as well as Ducks United, an organisation that helps everyone stay in contact with each other and promotes community.

The University of Oregon’s faculty and employees are strongly urged to become members of the University of Oregon Alumni Association, regardless of whether or not they attended the university.