Jon Langston Releases His Version of Alan Jackson’s “I Only Want You For Christmas”

jon langston i only want you for christmas

The first sign that the holiday season has arrived in country music is the release of Jon Langston’s reimagining of “I Only Want You for Christmas,” a song that was originally performed by Alan Jackson, one of Langston’s musical influences.

“I love Christmas, I love Christmas music, and I adore Alan Jackson, so why not put out my version of “I Only Want You for Christmas?”?” said the performer, who is signed to EMI Records Nashville and 32 Bridge Entertainment.

I really hope that it is enjoyable for you and that it provides you with some ideas. This moment in time represents the pinnacle of the year.

What song was included on Jacksons very first Christmas album?

Buddy Brock, Kim Williams, and Zack Turner are responsible for the song’s composition. This song was included on Jackson’s very first Christmas album, which was titled Honky Tonk Christmas. This compilation was released in October 1993, and upon its first release, it shot straight to position No. 7 on the Billboard country chart.

After another three months, it was awarded the gold certification, and after selling one million copies in January 1998, it was granted the platinum certification. Let It Be Christmas, Michael Jackson’s second Christmas album, was released in 2002 and was similarly a huge commercial success.

Langton collaborated with Brad Wagner and Jordan Gray on the song “Give You My All,” which was released not too long ago. Now, he has published his first Christmas album, which Country Now describes as having songs that “go above and beyond the standard country love ballad.”

During this past summer, Langston gave an interview to in which he mentioned that the music of Michael Jackson is very soothing to him. Whether he is working on the farm or just wandering around town, he will invariably start singing along to one of Alan Jackson’s songs at some point.

Langston Talks Music Inspiration on Beers Got Drunk Tour

That would be “Drive,” a country tune that’s definitely up there on my list of favorite genres. But he also talked about other country musicians who served as his inspiration and remarked, “If I could have co-written any song in history, it would have to be “Desperado.” The Eagles are one of my all-time favorite bands, and this is a terrific song from one of their albums.

As part of his Beers Got Drunk Tour, Langston gave performances the previous weekend in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and just last night in Bartow, Florida. The next stop on the tour will be in Springfield, Missouri, on the following Friday, November 11.

The cities of Columbia, Missouri, and Indianapolis, Indiana, will play host to the subsequent two events, respectively. Tickets can be purchased, and further information regarding forthcoming shows can be found at