Julien Lacoste Appointed Manager of Business Development at Accord Financial

Accord Financial Corp.’s Canadian Asset Based Finance/Factoring branch has appointed Julien Lacoste to the position of Manager, Business Development.

Lacoste’s new position at Accord Financial will make it simpler for companies in Canada to obtain the financing they require to take the next step in achieving their long-term objectives.

In order to accomplish this, he will center his efforts on enhancing the quality of service provided to SMEs across the entirety of the Quebec province.

According to Cynthia Aboud, who serves as the Senior Vice President of Canada Asset Based Finance, “Today’s businesses want a reliable financial partner who comprehends their requirements.”

Building Better Businesses: Julien Lacoste’s Guide to Success

Julien is in the position to advise both our current and prospective customers on the most effective strategies for reinvesting, reestablishing, and expanding their businesses.

Julien Lacoste is a banker and a scientist based in Montreal. He specializes in providing assistance to new ventures and smaller companies.

Building relationships and gaining people’s trust have been significant components of his professional life, particularly during his time at CIBC, Canon, Franklin Templeton Investments, and BMO.

He obtained his degree from the University of Montreal, where he studied for a number of years.

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