Kettlers Acquires New Properties in St. Petersburg


The majority of Kettler’s operations are concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States, where the company also has its corporate headquarters. The business has just lately acquired a couple different homes in the St. Petersburg area.

Kettler Acquires Multiple Properties in St. Petersburg


They paid Rick and Mimoza Noll, who ran their business under the name KEM St. Pete, $11.5 million to purchase the office building that is located at 1211 1st Avenue North.

The Zubrick Magic Theatre has been in operation at that location ever since August 2021, and it will continue to do so.

The total cost of the two residences that the buyer purchased from the Mimozas was $2.8 million.

Additionally, Kettler contributed $4.8 million to a holding company so that it could purchase the property located at 1101 1st Avenue N.

A location at which individuals can obtain medical marijuana has been granted a licence by the MUV. Sherman Associates said not too long ago that they intend to “reposition The Hotel Zamora into a four-star luxury hotel” by spending a total of seven million dollars.

Hotel Zamora to Receive Major Upgrades!


The hotel will be receiving updates to all of its rooms, as well as to its lobby and its services.

The Hotel Zamora sits on a land that is 1.61 acres and features a rooftop deck with views of the beach, an upmarket restaurant with full service, event space, and a private dock that provides guests with access to the intercoastal waterway.

According to Sherman Associates, the acquisition also includes a structure that was formerly used as a bank as well as some land located close to the hotel.

On St. Pete Beach, there had not been any new hotels constructed for more than twenty years prior to the opening of this one in 2014.

In addition to the significance it holds in the present day, the location has a lengthy past. There was an abandoned condo development there in the past.

Beth Muzik Appointed General Manager of Sherman Associates Hotel

Sherman Associates has appointed Beth Muzik to the position of general manager of the hotel, and she will also be in charge of supervising the property’s rebranding efforts.

She has more than 30 years of experience working in the hospitality industry, and she has held positions at a variety of hotels and resorts, including Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, and others.

Estes Construction is the general contractor for the renovation project, and DLR Group is serving as the architect for the job.

It is anticipated that the work will be finished by the beginning of 2024. Currently, construction is taking place on a brand-new urban neighbourhood.

Backstreets Capital and Canopy Builders of St. Petersburg are the companies responsible for the development of this project, which will culminate in the construction of one single-family home, two villas, and six luxury townhomes.

Canopy Builders CEO Ben Gelston Praises New MLK Corridor Development

“We are pleased to see this project come to life,” said Ben Gelston, president and chief executive officer of Canopy Builders. “We think this type of development is a terrific example of how to add new houses to older neighbourhoods,” he said.

Residents in the region gain a great deal of convenience as a result of the MLK corridor’s proximity to the central business district and the abundance of places to eat, buy, and obtain services within walking distance of their homes.

These townhomes will have an interior space of 2,560 square feet, three and a half bathrooms, and engineered hardwood flooring. Each of the garages will have enough space for two vehicles.

Three bedrooms, an upgraded outdoor kitchen, engineered hardwood flooring, and high-end fixtures and fittings will all be included in these two-story villas that measure 2,200 square feet and include two garages each. This single-family home will be in the craftsman style and will have a loft space in addition to its four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Otter PR Purchases New Office Facility in St. Petersburg

It is anticipated that work on Canopy Oaks will be completed by the end of the winter of 2023–2024. A new office facility was purchased by Otter PR.

The public relations firm Otter PR, located in St. Petersburg, used to call the neighbouring coworking space Thrive home, but the company recently purchased its own building and moved its operations there.

The firm spent $2.95 million to purchase the building at 324 1st Avenue N that has a total area of 8,000 square feet from Highland Properties.

When the paperwork about the mortgage is analysed, it is discovered that Kettler obtained a loan of $13.325 million from Valley National Bank. Following the completion of the purchase, repairs will be made to the Hotel Zamora.

Repairs are going to be done at the Hotel Zamora in St. Pete Beach, which has a total of 72 guest rooms. On the left is Chief Executive Officer Scott Bartnick, while on the right is Chief Marketing Officer and firm founder Jay Feldman. There is an image that corresponds with this.

Academy Sports & Outdoors Opens First Tampa Bay Area Store

The total amount of the two loans that Servisfirst Bank provided to Otter PR came to around $2.7 million. Otter PR is now making preparations to relocate its staff members inside, and it is anticipated that a third storey will be constructed by the year 2023.

The business will continue to operate out of a second facility in Orlando, much like it did in the past. The majority of the company’s 48 employees call St. Petersburg, where the company’s office is located, home.

The first location where items will be sold by the Academy is in Pinellas Park.

Today, in Pinellas Park, the first Academy Sports & Outdoors location in the Tampa Bay area opened its doors for business.

Academy Sports + Outdoors to open new store in Wesley Chapel, creating 60 new jobs

The opening of this store at 7230 United States Highway 19 North, which has a total floor space of 63,000 square feet, will result in the creation of sixty new employment.

The retailer of athletic apparel and equipment expanded their business by opening nine new stores in 2018. Over the next five years, it intends to open anywhere from 80 to 100 new stores. Wesley Chapel will be the location of one of the businesses in the year 2023.

Sam Johnson, the executive vice president of retail operations for Academy, stated in a press release that the company is “excited to bring fun to the Tampa Bay area by giving customers what they need to enjoy sports and the outdoors in a way that is easy and affordable.”

“Academy Sports + Outdoors is excited to bring fun to the Tampa Bay area by giving customers what they need to enjoy sports and the outdoors in an easy and affordable way.”

According to the company’s statement, “Our competitive prices and comprehensive services allow families more opportunities to lead active lifestyles.”

“This is true regardless of whether you are a fisherman seeking for your next big catch, a shopper looking for the ideal gift, or a spectator getting ready for a game at Raymond James Stadium,” the sentence reads.

Sherman Associates just paid $38 million to acquire the premium Spanish-Mediterranean hotel located at 3702 Guld Boulevard in Beverly Hills.