Koweek and Czajka Refuse to Comment on What Was Said During Their Meeting

Both Koweek and the District Attorney Paul Czajka have refused to comment on what was said during their meeting. The other attorneys were baffled as to why Koweek would make such a spontaneous decision to delay the proceeding.

After attending a party at the Rosenstrachs’ home on July 5, 2020, Harold Handy was attacked and transported to the hospital early the following morning.

There were five people charged with participating in a gang assault: Deputy Kelly Rosenstrach, her husband, gym owner Alex Rosenstrach, IRS agent Bryan Haag, and local contractor Corey Gaylord.

Koweek Removes Serious Allegations Against Four Defendants

In December, Koweek made the decision to remove the most serious allegations, which had the potential to result in the heaviest jail sentences.

Despite this, each of the four defendants was still facing a felony prosecution for their purported participation in the assault.

Stephen Coffey, the attorney for Gaylord, stated that the first day of jury selection had to be postponed because Czajka wanted to have a private conference with the judge.

This type of meeting is referred to as a “ex parte communication,” and it caused the delay. According to the testimony of the witness, “They discussed for around 20 minutes before the judge came out and said that the case will be postponed.

” He did not explain why, but he did state, “This is because I spoke to Mr. Czajka.” (He did not explain why.) Something is said by Coffey.

Coffey Gaylord’s nine-hour trip to court for postponed trial sparks outrage

According to Coffey, Gaylord, who lives in Virginia, travelled for nine hours to the trial before finding out that it had been moved. Coffey claims that Gaylord did not know the trial had been moved.

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According to what Coffey had to say about the situation, “He’s always maintained he won’t plead to anything, so it’s a lot of trouble for him and a lot of money.”

He seeks a trial. According to Coffey, the court has remained silent regarding the reasons why the hearing has been postponed.

Paul Freeman, Handy’s private attorney, stated that his firm was investigating the circumstances surrounding the postponement of the hearing.

In his own words, I will summarise what he said: “We were told that the decision to postpone is sealed, therefore they will not tell us why or what the grounds are.”

“Czajka Announces Trial Delay for Gang Assault Case”

According to him, the amount of choice available as well as the lack of information was annoying. Since the alleged attack, over two and a half years have passed.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office was in charge of the investigation at first; however, Czajka requested that the matter be transferred to the State Police.

The four individuals were arrested and charged with gang assault as well as other offences in October of 2020, more than three months after the event had place.

On Monday, Czajka announced that the trial will be delayed, but he did not provide an explanation. On Monday, Koweek’s office refused to comment on the matter, and he himself did not respond to any queries on it.

Czajka requests trial delay in gang assault case

Coffey stated that the court would be required to explain why the case was postponed if the defence filed a motion to do so, but he did not know when this would take place.

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The testimony given before the grand jury and the witness statements that were reviewed by the Times Union create a clear picture of what may have occurred at the Fourth of July party. This testimony and these witness statements have not been disputed, and they are only partially complete.

As the alleged assault, Handy’s ex-girlfriend reported to State Police officers that Alex Rosenstrach put Handy in a chokehold and punched him multiple times in the face after the mechanic attempted to get into a martial arts event.

When Handy’s fiancee tried to get him off the property, she claims that Rosenstrach choked and punched Handy. Handy’s fiancee claims that Rosenstrach did this.

She also claims that Gaylord and other partygoers ultimately joined in and kept Handy down while he was being pummelling. She alleges that this information comes from her.

In addition, the fiancee stated in her decision that Gaylord checked her phone when she was frantically calling friends to make sure the police hadn’t been called, despite the fact that Deputy Rosenstrach had repeatedly cautioned partygoers not to call the police.

Freeman mentioned that there would be a meeting in February, but as of right now, there has been no decision made regarding the new trial date.


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