Lacoste to Launch Digital Product That Combines Holiday Shopping and Video Gaming

“Lacoste is combining two traditionally distinct activities—shopping for the holidays and playing video games—into a one experience with the launch of a brand-new digital product.

Because it has such a diverse selection of stores and products, Lacoste is able to draw in clients who come from a wide variety of demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

In a statement, Olga Dogadkina, who was instrumental in the establishment of Emperia and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer, said the following.

Because Lacoste will be in the metaverse during the crucial holiday shopping season and will use NFTs in a way that gives customers the impression that they are a part of a community, the company will have the ability to use e-commerce and web3 innovations to an extent that has never been seen before.

Lacoste is Combining Holiday Shopping and Video Games into One Experience

Other retailers and brands, such as Lacoste and Bloomingdale’s, have been looking at the metaverse as a method to connect the online and offline worlds in order to both make money from digital things and expand their customer base. In a like manner, Adidas has developed a range of “digital gear” that can be worn by virtual characters.

Businesses are starting to hand away tokens that can’t be traded with one another in order to attract the attention of potential clients. One of the 250 NFTs that were released in August by Tiffany’s was awarded an actual pendant called an NFTiff by the company.

The NFTiff was originally worth $47,000. The following month, Gap conducted a contest to design a new version of their logo, and the main prize was a hoodie featuring the winning design printed with an NFT.

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The next day, in advance of New York Fashion Week, Puma debuted Black Station, the company’s first encounter in the metaverse. Users have the option of purchasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and then exchanging those tokens for limited-edition versions of tangible shoes.


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