Lesson for Saudi Arabia, Kudos to Turkey

Last but not the least; I could not stop my hands to type and brain to think. Is this a justice? Where is so called Muslim Community? Well done Turkey! It may open the eyes of the international community and especially Muslim nations.

The death toll of innocents has crossed 400 in recent attacks on Sunday July 2014 in current Gaza operation. United States still kept him engaged in self-criticism just to indulge itself in the air. Of course, humanity demands for equal rights for everyone irrespective of religions, race or ethnicity but there should be ethics irrespective of everything. This is the time to support Erdogan, who has criticized Israel’s current operation in Gaza and accused the Jewish state for his continuity of state terrorism just for genocide of Palestinians. 

According to Erdogan “For how long more will the world remain silent to this state terrorism? In Palestine, innocent children are not the only ones who are being killed. Global justice is being killed there too,”

This situation has recalled cruelty of Hitler, and there is no difference between current state terrorism initiated by Israel and period of Hitler. Indeed, Israel has to pay the cost of killing innocents for nothing as per rule of nature.

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The history of politics is full of bloodshed of innocents due to dirty mentality since the time immemorial, and this is still continued today in different parts of the worlds including Middle East.

Mr. Erdogan statement is based on the undeniable truth when he said “But it appears that the blood of innocent Palestinian children is being exploited once again in the dirty politics of the Middle East,”

This is a message to all Muslims of the world in the Holy month of Ramadan and people of other religions having their belief on humanity. Please raise your voice to prove yourself justified on the “Day of Judgment.” Turkey has played his role by making himself 1st drop of rain, let’s make it a shower! WELL DONE TURKEY! LESSON FOR SAUDI ARABIA?