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Writing a job letter of recommendation but not sure where to start? Check out our collection of helpful letter of recommendation samples to get you started. How can I go about getting good letters of recommendation?

Letter of recommendation from employer

Formal Letter of Recommendation
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Letter of recommendation is more or less similar to the reference letter in which another organization that supports the candidate for whom it’s being written. This letter describes the qualities, characteristics and capabilities of an individual. It may be required by an organization for hiring an employee or a student for getting admitted for a course.

Guidelines For Writing Letters of Recommendation

 Letter of recommendation is always specific. It is always addressed to a singleindividual whereas the reference letter can be general. It can be addressed to anyone who is of concern.

Tips for writing the letter:

If you are the one writing this letter then here are the things that you need to address:

  • You need to differentiate the person whom you are recommending from others by making his or her strength the target.
  • When you are recommending someone, don’t portray that person too much perfect. Often such letters are ignored by employers because they seem too good to be true. It is okay if you include a bit of short comings of the individual but don’t ruin the chance of being selected. You need to mention them in a positive way in order to make the letter sound credible.
  • Don’t include fake stuff or praises because companies verify the qualities of the individual either by taking tests during the interview or by personally visiting the previous organization where the person had worked. If something turns out to be untrue, then again the application will be rejected for sure.
  • If the person had done a great job in a particular project and it is related to the job where is about to apply then do mention his contributions.
  • Before you write the letter of recommendation, ask the person to send you a copy of his resume and certifications so that you can write accordingly. You can even ask the person to write the letter himself first and then you can revise it and make it better.
  • You must also explain your relationship with the person for whom you are writing the letter. Tell how long you know him and what was his performance during that tenure.
  • Your signature in the paper matters a lot. Once the letter is ready, proof read it to avoid grammatical or typo errors.

The person who would be forwarding the letter should send it in PDF format if it will be attached with email. The formatting of the letter should be perfect too.

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