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A letter of resignation is simply a letter used to tell your employer that you are officially going to leave the job at a given date. Obviously, people quit their jobs for several reasons. It could be because you are not comfortable with the job or with the way your employer handles issues. It could be because you have found a better job, want to be self employed or were ill treated the job. However, no matter what your reason for quitting your job is, you need to ensure that your resignation letter does not reflect any iota of dissatisfaction.

Professional Resignation Letter

Of course, you might have had a bad experience with the employer, but your resignation letter should sound polite. After all, you have finally decided to quit the job and hence you should do so amiably.

  • Begin and end professionally

Your resignation letter should be professional. You may not know it but your resignation letter is as much important as your job application letter. A lot of people pay less attention to their resignation letter because they think they are terminating the job. Of course, you are terminating the job but the employer will keep the letter in your employment file. Who knows, the employer might have something to tell for your reference in the future.

Other Letter of Resignation Examples

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