Letter of Resignation : How To End A Professional Relationship?

Downloadable letter of resignation samples are ready in this post. Leaving a company is ending a professional relationship. While doing this, it is important to pay attention to some basic rules to complete the process in the most respectable way. Remember, professional life is a field where all actors are familiar with each other. So, leaving your position while maintaining a professional attitude, even in a bad-ending relationship, always means a respectable reputation for you.

Sample Resignation Letter

Today we will be reviewing the basics of a resignation letter with you. We know what a resignation letter is and why it is written. So how is the resignation letter written? Also, what are a two weeks notice letter? Let’s find the answers to all these questions together!

What are a two weeks notice letter?

It is a professional letter written to the company to inform you that you are going to be resigned after exactly 2 weeks the letter is received.

Letter of Resignation Templates

Say The Word!

Start the sentence with “Dear” to address your boss. In the later of the sentence, indicate that you are requesting that your letter be accepted as the document that formalizes your resignation. Remember, you are writing to someone above you as a position!

Thanks For the Opportunities!

You may want to leave your job, but this is an institution where you have been for a certain period of time and benefit from its advantages and opportunities. Therefore, it would be very kind and professional activities to thank for the time passed.

Say You Can Help!

Now is the time to give information about the hand-off process. When you leave a position in a company, you transfer duties from that position to another. Making a few sentences that you will help the company as much as possible in this transfer process will show that you are a professional.

End of The Letter

Be sure to add a closing salutation word such as “Sincerely” at the end of the resignation letter. This will allow you to do a more kind of resignation.