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Lions are quite adaptable and come in many different habitats. Originally, lions were spread throughout Africa from Southeast Asia to India. Today these animals live in sub-Saharan Africa as well as in a conservation area called Gir Forest in the north-west of India. They prefer Buschland and the savannah.

The Indian lion (subspecies Panthera leo goojratensis) is only to be found in the Gir protected area, in the Indian state Gujarat. There still live a few hundred copies. In Africa one finds wild lions in the area south of the Sahara, there live still 4 different subspecies. They live in the steppes of East and West Africa.

Due to the large population pressure, the lions are pushed further and further into controlled protected areas and are highly threatened in their nature. In contrast to some legends, lions are extremely rare in jungle areas or dense forests. They love the open widths of the grass steppes, only in India also in light forest.

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