Living Room Ideas for Family Bonding

Looking for small living room ideas? We sifted through a plethora of pictures for both living rooms and  small spaces alike in search of the very best decorating tips for teeny, tiny living rooms.

Modern living room ideas for 2015. Find ideas to bring patterns, prints, colors, textures, and more design elements together to create the ultimate living room. 

The living room is probably one of the most versatile parts of the house.  You can go simple or bold with your furniture set or walls; bottom line is: there are several options available to you in setting up your living room.  In this article, we provide you with simple yet creative ideas that will certainly liven up your family bonding moments in the living room.

Living Room Ideas 2015

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Since the living room is the area that is most seen by visitors, you may want to embed your personal style in the room.  Choose wallpapers that reflect your taste; and it is greatly recommended to apply colors of white and sky blue to make the living room feel spacious and calming.  Utilize architectural trimwork in order to give your living room a distinctive look; they may be used as great dividers which will give the room a more exciting look.  For floor covering, go for comfort and style.  Choose soft floor coverings that can range from anything funky to neutral.  Use bold hues if you want to make a vibrant statement on your living room; on the other hand, use solid neutral hues if you like to accentuate the furniture and other fixture.  Area rugs are popular nowadays, but you can still make use of the classic tiles and vinyl for your flooring.  As for furniture, it is really up to you on what theme you want to exude.  You may go contemporary or classic or eclectic.  In all cases, seats must be arranged near one another in order to promote conversation and bonding.

You may want to put a vase of flowers in the center or corner table.  This fixture will not only be used as the focal point of you room; but more notably, it adds color and liveliness to the whole house.  A fireplace is also a natural focal point since it symbolizes warmth and assurance.  Hang arts and picture frames on the wall since these decorations give more life to the whole room.  Make sure to keep them at eye level and to group them accordingly.  Lighting should provide good illumination to create an inviting and relaxed ambience.   Window curtains can range from anything fancy to practical; what is important is they can obstruct light and give privacy when needed.  If you desire to achieve an elegant look for your windows, you will not go wrong of using floor to ceiling draperies that utilize generous portions of cloth.

The living room is that one room in a home where you can mix and match a lot of styles.  Regardless, the most significant thing is for this specific area of your house to serve its purpose — that is, of promoting closeness and relationship among family members and friends.

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