Logan Paul and Sam Pepper caught lassoing women in pickup stunt

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A video of YouTubers Logan Paul and Sam Pepper lassoing women in a gross pickup stunt has been unearthed by a new MeTube account.

The video was tweeted by a new account that searches for untoldhidden stories of sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

The accounts bio reads:We aim to uncover the hidden stories of sexual harassment that have been largely absent from the mainstream conversationand that the big names in media have missed.

The video shows Paul and Pepper driving down the street in a pickup truck and lassoing women they pass by.

In the videos description, Paul boasts that helassoed a couple of chicks and that helassoed a few more after his friend Pepper jumped in.

Paul and Pepper have since deleted all videos of the stunt, but a mirror is still available on Pauls YouTube channel.