Looking forward to warmer, drier weather in Chicago!

According to the National Weather Service, the chilly and wet weather that Chicagoans experienced on Friday morning has passed, and the city may look forward to experiencing weather that is warmer and drier in the near future.

Get Ready for a Warm Weekend!

This next weekend, we may expect high temperatures in the lower 40s and low temperatures ranging from the lower to middle 30s. The temperature on Sunday will be slightly higher than it was on Saturday.

According to the forecast made by Gino Izzi, a meteorologist with the NWS, the temperature has been higher than it would typically be for this time of year.

There is a possibility of a mist or a light rain, but he emphasised that it would be infrequent.

According to Izzi, it snowed and poured in Chicago on Friday, but she also mentioned that the snow and ice vanished very soon. In addition to that, he discussed the 1-2 centimetres of mushy snow that fell in the counties of Lake and McHenry.

What was the most recent significant snowfall in Chicago?

He noted that in some areas that received a little bit more snow than others, there is still snow on the grass, but “it didn’t stick around for very long.”

Because temperatures will remain above freezing throughout the entire weekend, any precipitation that falls will not freeze before it dries. On Tuesday and Wednesday of the next week, we may anticipate a return of rain along with high temperatures in the upper 40s.

However, over the next few days clouds are anticipated to return to Chicago, which will cause the city’s sky to appear grey and depressing.

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Izzi predicted that the weather wouldn’t be suitable for tanning for the upcoming few days, and that it wouldn’t be possible until the middle of the following week.


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