Lyft Driver Forced Into Trunk at Gunpoint in Baltimore

The BALTIMORE is an example of a A complaint was filed with the Baltimore City Police Department alleging that a Lyft driver was forced into his trunk at gunpoint on Wednesday evening around 10 p.m. in the South Baltimore neighborhood.

Driver Robbed at Gunpoint by Passengers

The driver reported to the authorities that when he arrived, there were four persons waiting for him, but there was actually just one person there.

According to the victim, he made an attempt to drop them off at their destination, but they told him to keep going instead of dropping them off.

After he had finally come to a stop, the men allegedly took out two firearms and threatened him with them.

According to the report filed by the police, the thief threatened the driver’s life if he did not hand over his iPhone along with the passcode to unlock it.

According to the report filed by the police, the suspects are reported to have instructed the victim to remove his Apple Watch and erase all of the information stored on it before they left.

The victim was apparently warned to “get into the trunk of the car” before he was robbed and told that the perpetrators were going to utilize his car and the Lyft app to pick up further people and rob them as well. The victim was then reportedly robbed.

The unidentified victim, who fled to his car’s trunk and told police that he “used the emergency latch inside the trunk to unlock it” in order to escape as the robbers drove away, reportedly told police that he was able to escape after the criminals. After that, he immediately sent out a desperate plea for assistance.

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The victim reportedly received cuts and a sprained ankle, according to the police.

Even though the individuals responsible for this have not been apprehended as of yet, detectives believe this is the most recent of at least three attacks on ride-share drivers that were quite similar to this one.

Lyft Cares About Safety After Horrific Incident

A spokesperson for Lyft was quoted as saying, “Lyft cares about safety, and the situation that happened is horrific.” We have made ourselves available to assist the authorities with their inquiry, and we have offered our assistance to the driver of the vehicle.

These kinds of behaviors have no place in our society, and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of drivers.

The firm stated in an email that they “temporarily and permanently ban accounts, stop users from making new accounts, and demand riders to supply more information before requesting a ride” when unsafe driver behavior is flagged.

According to the findings of the study conducted by the company, the vast majority of victims of drivers choose to pay using anonymous means such as prepaid cards, Venmo, or PayPal.

Lyft has implemented a new feature in certain areas that requires riders who pay with anonymous payment methods to show additional identification before they can take a ride.

This is due to the fact that anonymous payment methods are frequently associated with fraudulent activity and other high-risk behavior.

It has been reported that the corporation has collaborated with ADT to provide drivers with a method of calling for assistance that does not draw attention to itself.

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WJZ spoke with a Lyft driver who stated that recent events have given him reason to consider looking for another employment.

A full-time driver named Dana Holder expressed concern about the situation and said, “It disturbs me since this is what I do for a job.” It causes one to ponder the possibility that it could also occur to them.

As Criminals Target Cash App Users, Police Work to Reimburse Victims

The Baltimore Police Department has stated in a statement that they have made arrests in some of the incidents and that they are continuing their investigation into the remaining cases with the assistance of their local and federal colleagues.

There have been reports of criminals forcing victims to make cash withdrawals or Cash App transfers against their will; nevertheless, the police have stated that “Detectives have spoken with various vendors and are attempting to investigate these cases and get funds reimbursed, when possible.”

WJZ ran a story about a run of carjackings that took place using Uber services and where the victims were robbed by individuals who appeared to be drivers. The story was published a month ago.


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