Man charged with murdering five women, including his ex-girlfriend and her mother

A North Carolina man was charged Tuesday with murdering five women, including his exgirlfriend and her mother, while investigators believe he poisoned his exs mother with antifreeze.

Daniel Printz, 45, was arrested Friday and charged with five murders in connection with the deaths of Nancy Rego, Amy Smith, Angela Brooks, Diana Coker, and Charlotte Locus.

The bodies of Rego and Smith have been found, according to court documents, and evidence linking Printz to their deaths wasoverwhelming, authorities said.

Printz had a history of domestic violence against Rego, and he was arrested in 2017 for violating a domestic violence restraining order Rego had taken out against him.

Brooks was last seen with Printz, who is also charged with her murder, and Coker and Locus deaths are being investigated as homicides.

 Authorities said they havent found the remains of some of the victims and dont expect to. Printz was being held without bond and could get the death penalty if convicted.

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