Manchester City vs Wolverhampton Match Preview 2023

The English football scene is abuzz with the much anticipated match between Manchester City and Wolverhampton taking place this Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 at 3 p.m. on behalf of the 21st day of the English championship. To help provide insight on both teams’ current form, this article will take a closer look at their rankings in the championship, their top scorers and passers, and their last ten results. Additionally, we will explore each team’s probable composition and tactics for the match.

Team Rankings

Manchester City is currently placed 2nd in the English Championship and 2nd in the Premier League with 42 points in 19 games. They have 13 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses with 50 goals scored for them and 20 against (+30 goal average). Arsenal is currently 5 points ahead of them but they have played one game less. Conversely, Wolverhampton is placed 16th with 17 points in 19 games; 4 wins, 5 draws and 10 losses giving them 12 goals scored for them to 27 against (-15 goal average).

Top Scorers & Passers

For Manchester City Sergio Aguero remains their top scorer having scored 22 goals in 18 games (more than one goal per game). On Wolverhampton’s side Daniel Podence has come out on top scoring 5 goals across 19 games. While Kevin De Bruyne holds Manchester City’s best passing record with 18 games under his belt; Joao Moutinho leads Wolverhampton’s passing stats having completed two passes during 17 matches.

Last 10 Results

In terms of recent form Manchester City has had 6 wins from 10 games (2 draws & 3 losses) with 20 goals scored for them to 12 against (+8 goal average). Most recently they beat Tottenham 4-2 but lost 0-6 against Manchester United in a cup quarter-final match. As far as Wolverhampton goes: 4 wins from 10 (4 draws & 3 losses), 12 goals scored compared to 13 conceded (-1 goal average) including a 1-0 win over West Ham but losing out on penalties during a cup game also recently.

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Probable Compositions

For Manchester City Ederson will likely be guarding the goal alongside Walker, Stones & Laporte defending while De Bruyne Rodri & Gundogan manning midfield followed by Mahrez Sterling & Aguero up front playing a 4-3-3 formation tacticially speaking; while Rui Patricio should be expected to guard Wolverine’s net defended Kilman Coady Saiss Semedo Neves Moutinho Neto Silva Traore setting up an attacking first line all through out .


This match promises to be an exciting encounter as both teams are exhibiting different levels of form across various metrics such as point totals rankings scores passes etc… With that said it appears that ManCity come into this matchup heavily favored boasting a strong attack supported by solid passing whereas Wolverhamton have proven themselves to contain a resilient defense despite limited scoring numbers implying that it could easily be neck n’ neck down the stretch making it an unmissable event!

What is the current ranking of Manchester City in the English championship?

Manchester City is currently 2nd in the English championship, 5 points behind Arsenal.

Who is the top scorer for Wolverhampton?

Daniel Podence is the top scorer for Wolverhampton with 5 goals in 19 games.

Who is the best passer for Manchester City?

Kevin De Bruyne is the best passer for Manchester City with 18 games.

How many points does Wolverhampton have in the English championship?

Wolverhampton has 17 points in 19 games in the English championship.

What was the last result for Manchester City?

The last result for Manchester City is mixed run of form in their last 10 games, with 6 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses.

What is the probable formation for Manchester City?

The probable formation for Manchester City is 4-3-3, with Ederson in goal, defense of Walker, Stones, and Laporte, midfield of De Bruyne, Rodri, and Gundogan, and attack of Mahrez, Sterling, and Aguero.

What is the last result for Wolverhampton?

The last result for Wolverhampton is 4 wins, 4 draws, and 3 losses in their last 10 games.


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