Merrell’s More Less Campaign Intensifies Efforts to Recruit Female Clients

Merrell is already well-known for producing high-quality goods that are tailored specifically to the needs of women. In 2018, the company intensified its efforts to recruit female clients by using strategic advertising and grassroots community outreach.

These initiatives were carried out in various locations across the country. The “More Less” campaign, which began in March and ran through the summer, was particularly successful.

It debunked the myths surrounding the self-care industry and encouraged women to explore the curative properties of the natural world.

The Power of the Outdoors: How One Campaign is Making a Difference

According to Hufnagel, when the outbreak occurred, people “rediscovered or found again the power of the outdoors.” When we discussed the self-care sector, she commented, “There was a strong feeling that noise is flooding people’s social channels.”

This was in reference to the industry. A compelling narrative that touched the lives of a great many individuals.

Additionally, every single person who contributed to the campaign was a female. According to Hufnagel, “More Less” was created entirely by females, from the conception of the idea through the design of the production.

Merrell additionally released the Merrell Hiking Club in the month of August. According to Hufnagel, the purpose of the project was to provide a means for women to connect with one another through a common interest in the natural world.

He wanted to know how ladies of varying abilities could find other people who shared their passion for spending time in nature. We are pleased with the manner in which our clients have responded to this concept, which originated inside within our organisation and was implemented promptly.

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When Merrell released the Moab 3 in September, they were taking a significant risk when they upgraded their most well-known boot.

The new and improved Moab: lighter, more sustainable, and just as comfortable

According to Hufnagel, people discussed how to alter the Moab for “hours and days.” We have never produced a more sustainable version of the Moab.

We were able to make it lighter without compromising the durability or comfort of the product, and the outsole is constructed from recycled materials.

According to Hufnagel, the pandemic was responsible for pushing back the release date of the shoe, which was subsequently pushed back once again as a result of issues with the supply chain. Nevertheless, the effort was not in vain.

According to Hufnagel, “When we eventually came out, we had one of our biggest advertising campaigns of the year with the motto “Step Further, Moab On.”

Once we were certain that the goods will soon be available for purchase and that the customer was prepared to do so, we began advertising for them.

Merrell, in its efforts to become a more purpose-driven company, has reevaluated the organisations it has been giving money to this year and has decided to give its money to the National Recreation and Parks Association. This decision was made as part of Merrell’s ongoing efforts to become more purpose-driven (NRPA).

Merrell and NRPA Establish Award to Improve Quality of Time Spent Outdoors

Says Hufnagel. Numerous studies have demonstrated time and again that there are insufficient parks and other types of green space for young people in urban areas. We spend a lot of time enjoying the beautiful scenery that is right outside your door.

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People who work to improve the quality of everyone’s time spent outside are eligible for the Changing Nature of Work Award, which was established in August by Merrell and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

In addition, the company expanded its collaboration with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organisation in order to educate a greater number of young people about the positive impact that nature can have on their life.

Big Brothers Big Sisters hosted an event in September in Franklin Canyon Park in Los Angeles with multiplatinum recording artist Jordin Sparks to encourage more children to spend time outdoors and engage in physical activity.


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