Michigans Choice Tree Service under investigation for shady pricing and billing practices.

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LANSING— An investigation into possible violations of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act has led to the issuance of subpoenas by Attorney General Dana Nessel to a tree service located in West Michigan.

The subpoenas request testimony and documents related to the investigation.

Otsego County’s 46th Judicial Circuit Court has issued subpoenas to the company known as Michigan’s Choice Tree Service, LLC. This company clears lots and land, as well as removing trees, grinding tree stumps, and pruning tree branches.

The Attorney General has problems with the company’s emergency services, especially if a storm causes a tree or branch to fall through the roof of a house or other building.

Michigans Choice grossly overcharges customers, according to the Department of Attorney General.

The Department of Attorney General has stated in a petition that was submitted to the Otsego County Circuit Court that it has good reason to believe that Michigan’s Choice is grossly overcharging customers for tree services, that it has a pattern of making customers confused about the cost of the services that it provides, and that it breaks promises that customers won’t have to pay for costs that aren’t covered by their insurance.

The Department of Attorney General has stated that it has good reason to believe that Michigan’s Choice is grossly According to the proprietor of the business, the fact that they collaborate closely with various insurance providers means that none of their clients are required to make any upfront payments.

Complaints lodged by customers against the company provide evidence that it is not accurate.

After a tornado ripped through the area, a resident of Gaylord filed a complaint alleging that the owner of the company told her that her insurance would be charged for the cost of removing four trees and their stumps.

The trees had been damaged by the tornado. The client was informed by Michigan’s Choice that, despite the fact that the work had been completed, the stumps would not be removed.

Michigan’s Choice ended up charging the customer’s insurance company a whopping $20,491.42 to remove the tree, despite the fact that the owner had previously stated that the cost wouldn’t be that high.

The insurance company had estimates from other companies that provided tree service, and this one was significantly higher than the others. Michigan’s Choice delivered a notice of lien to the customer for the amount of $20,491.42 after receiving a payment from the customer’s insurance company in the amount of $13,485.

Insurance Company on the Hook for Massive Tree Removal Bill

The petition also discusses an incident in which an insurance company in Rockford was required to pay more than $30,000 to remove a single tree from the property of a policyholder because the tree had fallen on the policyholder’s property.

There is concern that Michigan’s Choice will also file a lien on the property because the insurance company will not pay the full amount owed.

Nessel has been quoted as saying, “I take enforcing the state’s consumer protection laws very seriously in order to protect Michigan residents from companies that try to take advantage of them.” This is especially important when damage is caused by tornadoes, windstorms, and other natural disasters that are out of their control.

Companies that try to price or bill their customers in a questionable manner, as well as companies that try to trick or mislead their customers, will not receive my support.

If you have a problem with a company and want to take it to the next level, you should come to my office to discuss it.

The Department is looking into customers’ complaints that are very similar to those that have been made about Michigan’s Choice. People whose homes were damaged by a storm are encouraged, according to the Attorney General, to conduct online research regarding potential tree service and home repair contractors before signing any contracts.

Consumers can avoid being taken advantage of by con artists, who look for people who are having problems and then try to take advantage of them, by following these steps and protecting themselves.