Microsoft makes technology accessible for all with new Inclusive Tech Lab.

With Jenny Lay-Flurrie leading the way, Microsoft is making strides to ensure that everyone has access to technology. Through their Inclusive Tech Lab and office building One Esterra, they are dedicated to creating an ecosystem where people with disabilities have the same opportunities as those without.

The Inclusive Tech Lab

Microsoft’s Inclusive Tech Lab is designed to make technology accessible for people with disabilities. Bryce Johnson, an arm amputee who serves as a researcher and co-founder of the lab, has worked to make sure the room is as accommodating as possible. Some of the solutions developed from this include a PDP controller with some foot pedals for one-handed gaming, adaptive accessories like a modular mouse that fit mobility challenges, and a touch pad designed for people with limb differences.

Accessibility in the Workplace

Taking accessibility into consideration in their work environment too, Microsoft’s office building One Esterra was opened in March and features surfaces at wheelchair height, elevators that talk to those visually impaired, and quiet rooms for employees who may be overstimulated by their workplace.

The Future of Accessibility

Lay-Flurrie aims to create more accessible arm prosthetics and other technologies so that those with disabilities won’t be limited due to lack of access. She envisions a future where everyone has equal opportunities when it comes to utilizing technology regardless of any disability or limitation they may have.


Through its Inclusive Tech Lab and commitment to accessibility in its workplace environment, Microsoft is dedicated to bridging the gap between people with disabilities and those without by providing inclusive products and services. This will pave the way for an all-inclusive society where everyone can take advantage of steadily advancing technology regardless of any limitations they may face.

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What is the role of Jenny Lay-Flurrie at Microsoft?

Jenny Lay-Flurrie is the Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft. Her job is to create and work across the company to build an ecosystem that cultures, nurtures disability and disabled talent, and builds more accessible technology.

How many big corporations in America have a C-level accessibility officer?

Not enough, according to Jenny Lay-Flurrie.

What is the purpose of the Inclusive Tech Lab at Microsoft?

The Inclusive Tech Lab at Microsoft is designed to make technology accessible to people with disabilities. The researchers and co-founders of the lab have made intentional efforts to make the room as accessible as possible.

What kind of adaptive accessories has Microsoft recently released?

Microsoft has recently released adaptive accessories such as a modular mouse that can be modified to match a mobility challenge, a hub that facilitates shortcut commands, and a touch pad designed for people with limb differences.

What does Jenny Lay-Flurrie envision for the future of accessibility?

Jenny Lay-Flurrie envisions a future where there are more accessible arm prosthetics and other technologies that can help people with disabilities. The goal is to create a more inclusive society where people with disabilities are not limited by the technology that is available to them.


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