Momma Mule, YouTuber Who Abused Children in Videos, Dies Before Trial

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A woman who ran a popular YouTube channel about childrens toys before being arrested for allegedly abusing the children featured in her videos has died before she was able to go to trial.

Machelle Hobson, better known asMomma Mule on herFantastic Adventures YouTube channel, died in April, according to the Pinal County Attorneys Office.

Hobson was arrested in October after police discovered she allegedly physically and mentally abused the four children she took in after they were removed from their mothers custody.

The children, who were all under 10 years old, were allegedly slapped, spanked, and forced to sleep on tile and concrete floors, according to court records.

They also allegedly had their fingers bent back and their hair pulled. Hobson was charged with 30 counts of child abuse by neglect. Her death came two days before her trial was scheduled to begin.

The Pinal County Attorneys Office said it would not seek a plea deal and would go to trial with the current charges against Hobsons estate.