Moncton’s 2023 budget includes tax cuts and big spending on roads

moncton's 2023 budget includes tax cuts and big spending on roads

There are a lot of costs, like renting a dinosaur skeleton, hiring more people to shovel snow, and maybe even buying new tools to deal with goose poop.

What is the total amount that council will be spending on capital projects?

On Thursday, the Moncton City Council will vote on whether or not to approve the proposed budget for the year 2023. You can see some of the items that will be included in the budget up above in the list.

The 544-page budget has been meticulously reviewed by the staff as well as the members of the council. There are plans to spend a total of $188 million on operations and $63 million on capital projects, respectively, according to the document. The tax rate is going down by 10.3 cents as a result of the proposed changes to the budget.

On Thursday, however, the numbers might be different.

What is the estimated cost of constructing a park in the Vision Lands?

A number of different amendments have been proposed by the council members.

A significant adjustment is being suggested by Councilman Daniel Bourgeois. He proposes that the city’s capital budget be increased by $25 million over the course of five years in order to fund the construction of a park in the Vision Lands, which is the portion of the city that is located between Wheeler Boulevard and the Trans-Canada Highway.

Bourgeois suggested that the funds might be put to better use by purchasing a parcel of undeveloped land that is privately owned and located in the area close to the North Branch of Halls Creek.

The roughly $1.1 million that was given this year for new public safety measures, such as hiring more officers to enforce bylaws, is in addition to the additional $4.3 million that will be given to law enforcement in order to help enforce bylaws.

City to Spend More on Snow Removal This Winter

According to the budget, the removal of snow will result in additional costs of $520,368. An investigation was started because of the climate during the previous winter.

According to Alexandre Binette, the general manager of operations services, the department will test new equipment to clear sidewalks, take other steps, and hire 12 additional people. In addition, the department will take other steps.

In the past, city workers rarely cleared the sidewalks before they cleared the roads. Today, however, this practice is more common.

Binette indicated that they would begin shoveling the sidewalks more quickly.

What is the new approach to clearing snow?

According to Bourgeois, the new approaches to clearing snow represent “a significant departure from what we’ve been doing since 2008.”

increasing the number of people who are working.

It is anticipated that the number of people working in the city will increase from 699 in 2016 to 72212 in 2017.

Building inspections and reviews of development plans are just two examples of the services that the city’s planning department is working to expand in order to meet the rising demand.

At the end of October, the total value of building permits broke through the $300 million mark, setting a new record high for the amount.

What are the two ways that Boston is experiencing growth?

According to a city official who is in charge of growth and development, “We are witnessing growth on a scale that we have never witnessed before.” Elaine Aucoin is the name that she goes by.

The snow removal plan calls for the operations department to expand their workforce in order to achieve the desired improvements.

In an interview, Binette stated that ten seasonal jobs in the park that were only temporary would be converted into permanent positions over the course of the winter.

According to Binette, some workers will be on a night shift throughout the entire winter in order to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and then either salt or sand them.

Landry wants to study aquatics center before 2024 budget talks

In the past, the majority of people who worked in cities did so during the day, and those who covered the overnight shift did so by working additional hours.

In addition, professionals will be commissioned to determine whether or not the northern part of the city requires the establishment of a new library branch as well as whether or not it requires an aquatics center.

The city manager, Marc Landry, has stated that they want to finish the study of the aquatics center before the budget talks for 2024. This is so that the results can be shown to other levels of government in order to discuss the possibility of receiving funding from those levels.

The city plans to spend $21,000 to rent an Albertosaurus sarcophagus skeleton to put on display at the Resurgo Place Museum in the fall of 2019, as part of the festivities commemorating the museum’s 50th anniversary. The museum in Thunder Bay, Ontario, that will be the repository for the skeleton of the dinosaur.

What did Sophie Cormier say about the commemorative exhibit?

In an interview, Sophie Cormier, who is the director of culture and heritage for the city of Moncton, stated that efforts are being made by the city to bring back the same dinosaur that people have been requesting to see since the year 1985.

Because of this, as a part of our commemorative exhibit, we will include a few references to the pieces that were the most well-liked in the original collection.

It is possible that the amount of land that the city has designated specifically for the planting of trees will continue to increase over time.

How much does the project cost?

On Thursday, the council will deliberate over whether or not to grant Councilman Charles Leger the additional compensation of $41,000 that he requested.

This project, which began in 1990 and has had an annual budget of $50,000 since then, has made it possible to plant trees in communities that were developed prior to the year 2015.

According to Dan Hicks, who is in charge of the city parks, the amount has not kept up with inflation over the course of the past thirty years. He stated that in the past, it would pay for up to 300 trees, but as of right now, it will only pay for 80 trees.

The council will also deliberate on whether or not to invest the $47,142 necessary to purchase an item known as a “pickup broom.” According to Hicks, it can be put to use to clean the beach after winter has passed and to remove goose poop from the sand.

“Despite municipality’s best efforts, Canada geese continue to be a nuisance”

Canada geese continue to be a nuisance at Jones Lake and Centennial Park, despite the fact that the municipality has made significant efforts to eradicate them.

The primary objective is to invest money in roadways.

More than 63 million dollars will be needed to fund city infrastructure projects like roads, water and sewage lines, and building construction.

Vision Lands, as envisioned by Bourgeois, would be an expensive addition to an existing park.

The city has high hopes that the remaining $41 million will be covered by funding from other levels of government, which would bring the total cost down to $16.7 million.

The city of Moncton is allocating 34 million dollars to paving roads and improving infrastructure.

When it comes to spending money on capital improvements, 34 million dollars is allocated solely to the paving of roads. It is the city’s hope that Elmwood Drive and Mapleton Road will be widened to the north of the Trans-Canada Highway within the next calendar year.

To get the process of converting the Codiac Transpo bus fleet to electric propulsion started, funds have been reserved in the capital budget. In order for this to become a reality, charging stations will need to be installed, and the parking garage on Millennium Boulevard will require maintenance.