Most Wonderful Startups of 2013

We rummaged over 300 entries, examining various recommendations and proposals submitted by Forbes writers, investors and founders on the search for the most wonderful startups of 2013. Each of the nine companies selected in the outstanding startups were really producing outstanding results in its sectors and achieved substantial progress or were established in the last 12 months.

Recommendations and proposals from various organizations came to our desk while compiling the list. Among these enterprises are restaurants, PR agencies, franchises and nonprofit organization. This made the definition of term “startup” to become unclassified as it is being associated to different kinds of enterprises which may range from small businesses to apps and from profit making organizations to charity organizations. This led us to begin making researches and asking questions on the actual meaning of startup. 

The answer to the word “startup” led to another article which is entitled “What is a Startup”. This caused us to focus more on newbie companies. The newbie organizations in our considerations are all profit making ventures which have noticeable and definite business plans and which are of course generating revenues at the moment. Startup enterprises which have pulled attentions but not yet proven are not included in the list. Examples of such enterprises could include credit card replacement coin.

Some companies making waves in their respective fields like ClassDojo, Uber, Snapchat, Hailo and Lyft are not considered probably because they were established or started over a year ago or are generating income beyond the startup level. Also, companies which are owned or bought by private equity firm were not included in the startup level and thus firms like marijuana Yelp service leafly and mobile payment app Venmo are exempted.

The recommendations included different kinds of enterprises including the ordinary and even the unconventional ones. Companies like oil companies, ecommerce sites; cafes, and a father &daughter founded Condom Company,Pinterest for porn, and so forth. One of the clever and effective entries was Chesscademy designed by a second year student of Princeton University and Andrew Ng, who has won national chess champion seven times.

Some companies were very close to being chosen but they missed it. These include Vayable, a crowdsourced travel site which have experienced tremendous business success as well as boost in Shift gig and also a firm which provides hospitality job search service each hour. The job search service increase in size by fivefold this year, having about 500000 job seekers with 14000 small businesses. Royalty Exchange was not selected, although it was very close to the mark. It is a firm which provides eBay model for music credits, however, it was not chosen because of its limited range of songs.

Homejoy demonstrates the fastest growth among the list of the selected companies. Since its launching at the end of 2012, Homejoy has been able to generate up to $38 million in 31 cities so as to expand into suburban area. Blue Apron’s dinner kit delivery service was launched by another firm which exhibited an amazing success.It grew from delivering about 60,000 meals per month in August to delivering 100,000 meals per month in October. At the present, it now delivers about 300,000 meals each month to hungry Americans.

WillCall apps provides solutions to music issues and concerns since mobile commerce has become one the of top topics in 2014. FlightCar leverages sharing economy to provide effective and top services. One can pack one’s car at the airport and FlightCar will rent it out when you leave. The business is making waves in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston. Bitcoins is another essential feature that characterized 2013. Efficiency in online currency transfer can be achieved easily with Coinbase.

Although Estimize is not really a flash firm, it interrupts the process. Estimize is a startup enterprise providing crowdsourcedearnings estimates for stocks. It recently went into a licensing deal with Bloomberg to showcase the firm’s data on about 300,000 terminals., a site and an application which provides free delivery on bulk goods, is another firm to reckon with. Hired is the largest professional matchmaker in Silicon Valley as it upsets human resources by employing its dedicated and effective organization by taking care of technical talents.