Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof wins state Assembly seat weeks before his death

A Nevada brothel owner who was found dead last month won a state Assembly seat weeks before his death, according to official election results.

Dennis Hof, who ran for the states District 36 as a Republican, defeated Democratic candidate Lesia Romanov in a race that was largely defined by Hofs death and allegations of sexual assault against him.

The county coroners office said Hof died of natural causes resulting from a heart attack. Hof had previously said that he would step down immediately if elected.

After his death, Nevada Republicans launched a campaign urging voters to support him to prevent a Democratic victory.

Nevadas governor, Republican Brian Sandoval, said he would appoint a replacementwho shares the values that made Dennis Hof who he was.

Hof was best known for his HBO reality series,Cathouse, and was a prominent Donald Trump supporter.

His win is his third election victory in the past two years, after he won the Republican primary for the Assembly seat and the election itself.