New Construction Tools and Equipment from Peri3D Construction

The Construction Industry: Latest Trends and Quality Control Measures

The construction industry has seen a number of significant changes in recent years. New tools, materials, and techniques are constantly being developed to improve the quality of work and make it easier and faster. This article looks at some of the latest trends and quality control measures that have been adopted in the industry.

Badger Curb

  • Heavy-duty curb roller designed for use in concrete curves and gutters
  • Manufactured by Curb Roller Company, a leading supplier of concrete tools and equipment
  • Powered by a hydraulic motor for smooth rolling action
  • Features heavy-duty steel frame with adjustable front & rear rollers for precise shaping & finishing

Optum Arch Bridge System

  • Precast concrete arch bridge system manufactured by Optum
  • Designed for construction of arches in various sizes & configurations
  • Precast concrete segments assembled on-site to form arch shape of bridge
  • Lightweight components making system suitable for wide range of applications

Peri-3D Construction

  • Building method utilizing prefabricated modular components to create 3D structures
  • Developed & promoted by Perry – leading provider of construction technology & solutions • Utilizes walls, floors, columns, beams made from variety of materials including: concrete, steel & wood

Concrete Canvas

Innovative building material consisting flexible fabric impregnated with specially formulated concrete mix • Produced by Concrete Canvas Ltd – specialists in production innovative concrete solutions

GeoCross Paving

Modular paving system designed for airfields & other drivable surfaces • Manufactured by Geoplast – leading provider innovative solutions • Interlocking modular panels made from high strength lightweight plastic material

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The above mentioned tools are just some examples of how the construction industry is constantly striving to improve its operations through innovation. With these new technologies comes better quality control measures which ensure that projects are completed safely and efficiently.

What is the Badger Curb?

The Badger Curb is a heavy-duty curb roller designed for use in the construction and repair of concrete curves and gutters. It is manufactured by Curb Roller Company and designed for use with a skid steer or compact track loader.

What is the Optum Arch Bridge System?

The Optum Arch Bridge System is a precast concrete arch bridge system manufactured by Optum. It is designed for the construction of arch bridges in a variety of sizes and configurations and consists of precast concrete segments that are assembled on-site to form the arch shape of the bridge.

What is Peri-3D Construction?

Peri-3D Construction is a building method that utilizes prefabricated modular components to create three-dimensional structures. It is developed and promoted by Perry and utilizes a variety of prefabricated components including walls, floors, columns, and beams which are assembled on-site to create the desired structure.

What is Concrete Canvas?

Concrete Canvas is an innovative building material that consists of a flexible textile-like fabric impregnated with a specially formulated concrete mix. It is manufactured by Concrete Canvas Ltd and is known for its versatility and ease of use.

What is GeoCross Paving?

GeoCross Paving is a modular paving system designed for use in the construction of airfields and other drivable surfaces. It is manufactured by Geoplast and consists of interlocking modular panels that are made from a high-strength lightweight plastic material.


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