New Records Set in Mens and Womens Competitions

Tiananmen Square will be the location of the inaugural Beike Beijing Marathon on November 6, 2022, at 7:30 in the morning. There were a lot of Beike employees there to enjoy themselves. They became acquainted with other runners and shared the excitement of competing in athletic events with those individuals.

Anubaike Kuwan came in first place in the men’s competition with a time of 2:14:34, and Xia Yuyu came in first place in the women’s competition with a time of 2:28:57. Both of these times set new records.

How do you think the Beike Beijing Marathon 2022 has boosted China’s sports industry?

The Beike Beijing Marathon 2022 has secured Beike as the official title sponsor. Beike is a digital service platform that focuses on residential real estate. The company has been of assistance to the event’s organizers as well as the runners in a variety of different ways.

In the area surrounding the finish line, Beike requested that former marathon world champion Sun Yingjie assist the runners in unwinding and regaining their strength by having them stretch and participate in other activities. As the runners pushed themselves to their limits, volunteers from Beike set up stations along the course with supplies and cheerleaders to encourage and motivate the athletes.

Beike has continued to make progress in the year 2021, and the leaders of the company have initiated a “One Body, Two Wings” strategic layout in order to cater to the requirements of the market.

The company focuses on home decoration, home furnishings, and inclusive rental businesses in order to assist customers in “buying the right home” and “living a joyful life.” The housing service industry is able to raise its value and improve its overall quality as a result of this.

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Beike has kept going in the “race” to provide good housing services by continually coming up with new ideas and breaking new ground. This is analogous to the runners who are continuing to compete.

Beike will continue to “run” with its millions of customers who want to live better lives by adhering to the principle of “doing the right thing even if it’s hard” to promote the quality of service that keeps getting better and better. This will help Beike keep providing the best service in its field.


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