OnlyFans Subscriber Arrested for Breaking into Stranger’s Home

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Iranianbacked militia media outlets said Iran launched a dozen ballistic missiles at the U.S. consulate in Erbil, Iraq, early Saturday morning.

The State Department confirmed the attack, but said no U.S. personnel or facilities were damaged.

We have confirmed that the Iranianbacked militias conducted a missile attack at the U.S. consulate in Erbil, Iraq, early this morning, the statement read.U.S. authorities are investigating the attack and its implications.

The United States will hold those responsible accountable. The attack came shortly after the U.S. announced it would withdraw all of its troops from Iraq, ending the twodecade long war.

Iran has been exploiting the chaos of the Iraqi civil war to assert its dominance over the country, and experts have warned that the consulate attack was a likely scenario.

Video released by the Iranianbacked AlShuhadaa News shows the missiles headed toward a construction site at the consulate, which was never finished and never occupied.

The State Department said it wasapparently a construction site. Iran has also been preparing to attack American facilities in the Gulf, according to U.S. officials.