Pence downplays Capitol riot, spreads Trump’s lies about election fraud

Then-Vice President Mike Pence’s first op-ed since leaving office pushes President Donald Trump’s lie about voting “irregularities” and claims the Capitol riot was “spontaneous.”

In a piece for the Washington Post, Pence writes that “our elections are being corrupted by violence and intimidation,” and blames “radical liberals” for “attempting to overturn the will of the people.”

Pence fails to name any specific instances of voter fraud or breaches of state election law, despite the fact that his former office has investigated these claims and found them to be nonexistent. Instead, he writes that “the very fabric of our democracy is being stretched and tested.”

He also downplays the Capitol riot—which he called a “public demonstration” at the time—saying that “the so-called Capitol riot that took place was a spontaneous response to an unpopular decision.”

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