Plans to Extend MetroNorth Train Service to the Bronx Go Forward

THE CAPITAL OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, ALBANY — Plans that have been in the works for quite some time to extend Metro-North train service to a section of the Bronx that does not have a lot of public transit options are going forward.

Construction of New Bronx Train Stations to Improve Quality of Life

On Friday, there was a ceremony to mark the beginning of the project, and it was attended by many people. People living in the Bronx will soon have direct access to Penn Station thanks to the construction of four brand new stations.

There were a number of influential persons present, including Governor Hochul, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and others.

At a press conference held in Hunts Point, Hochul stated, “Projects like this actually do have a very, very substantial influence on the lives of people.” The quality of one’s life is the most essential factor.

I get really excited when something as impersonal as infrastructure can be used to make people’s lives better. This is something that I am really interested in.

Where is the Amtraks Hell Gate route?

Through four new stations in Hunts Point, Parkchester, Morris Park, and Co-Op City, it will connect commuters in the Bronx to Penn Station and other Metro-North stations in Westchester and Connecticut. These stations are located in Westchester and Connecticut.

Amtrak’s Hell Gate route is utilised by Northeast Corridor trains that travel to Boston and various other destinations located in New England. It’s possible that new stations will be built right adjacent to it very soon. The line will be expanded from having two tracks to having four tracks as a result of the work.

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According to the MTA, commute times for residents who live in the Bronx will be significantly reduced as a result of the addition of the new stations.

New CoOp City station to Penn Station travel time reduced to 25 minutes

The trip from the new Co-Op City station to Penn Station, which currently takes 75 minutes, will be reduced to 25 minutes, according to the officials who were present at the groundbreaking on Friday.

It takes around half an hour to travel from Hunts Point to Penn Station when using public transit. On the other hand, if you took Penn Access, it would only take 16 minutes, according to the MTA.

According to the organisation, the journey from Hunts Point to Stamford will only take 47 minutes, which is a significant reduction from the present travel time of 80 minutes.

Despite the fact that a half a million people reside within a mile of each of the four stations that haven’t been built in the Bronx in recent years. This is as a result of a dispute concerning the maintenance of the Hell Gate Bridge.

Flooding that was produced by Hurricane Harvey was another factor that caused the project to be delayed.

What is the difference between “East Side” and “East Bronx”?

The four East River tunnels used by Amtrak were all constructed a century ago, and Hurricane Sandy caused a significant amount of damage to them. At the present time, passenger trains operated by Long Island Rail Road and Amtrak as well as freight trains operated by NJ Transit travel through the tunnels on their way to Sunnyside Yards in Queens.

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It is anticipated that the new service would launch in the year 2027.

Because residents of the East Bronx have, for an extended period of time, been denied adequate services, “We are providing them with more connections. They have spent the last century watching trains pass by without the tracks ever being stopped for them.” Transportation throughout the entirety of the city

It was reported that the leader of the group, Janno Lieber, made the statement. Consider the following illustration of the concept of transit equity: That is, at this very moment, precisely what it is that you are observing.

What does the leader of the group Janno Lieber mean by “transit equity”?

Before, it was estimated that the project would have a total cost of $2.9 billion, but now it is anticipated that the whole cost will be $3.18 billion. The expansion of the train yard in New Rochelle was made possible thanks to an amendment to the MTA Capital Plan that was revealed in July.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the State of New York want the Federal Railroad Administration to grant them $2.1 billion, and Amtrak has agreed to give them $500 million.

Schumer: Penn Station Access a Good Candidate for Federal Funding

A joint funding effort is undertaken by the federal government and the governments of the individual states.

The government, according to Schumer, “recently intimated that Penn Station Access would be a good candidate” for the grant money.

Schumer went on to say, “Because this is such an obvious choice for a project, I’ll be keeping a close eye on how they perform it. I keep a close eye on them like a hawk to make sure that they keep the commitment they made.”

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We are going to make it a priority to ensure that they raise the amount of money that they donate to us on an annual basis until we reach the level of government funding that is allowed for this project. People living in the state of New York will find it less difficult to pay their payments as a result of this change.


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