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“Pokémon” is an abbreviation for “Pocket Monsters”. A literal translation would be “pocket monster”. Pokémon are fictitious creatures – either small cute ones that live as pets, or big and scary monsters that fight for their coaches against other Pokémon. At the beginning there was a manageable number of 151 Pokémon, now there are 493 different types. To collect all Pokémon, you must have several editions. “Pokémon” is also the title for the numerous video games where the Pokémon and the title of the TV-Anime series. You can also Frozen Animation PNG images

The Pokémon world

The trainers are in the Pokémon World to catch and train Pokémon, and then fight against Arenal, the Order. The ultimate goal of each coach is the victory over the Pokémon League.

The main character of the Pokémon series is Ash Ketchum, a young trainer from Kanto, who started off at the age of 10 to become the best coach of all time. On his journey, he has to fight against other coaches, rivals, and backlashing gangs that are behind his favorite Pokémon Pikachu. Avengers Super Hero PNG images

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