Pro-Trump Congressman Rebukes Joe Biden During State of the Union

Rep. Lauren Boebert (RCO) shouted out of turn at the end of the presidents somber, restrained State of the Union addressdrawing immediate rebuke from Democrats.

As President Trump mentioned his son Beaus death from brain cancer, the MAGAboosting lawmaker shouted that Biden had placed 13 soldiers in coffinsdrawing rebuke from Democrats.

Thats a lie! He put 13 soldiers in coffins, she shouted. Boebert, who is running for president as a proTrump, MAGAboosting Republican, then went on to say that the presidentcan have the same amount of deaths that Biden had, which drew more jeers and boos.

After the speech, Boebert claimed the president had waited until the end of his speech toappease the libs, and noted that the president had not mentioned Israel in his speech.