Purple Alert: Escambia County Residents Seek More Information

After hearing about it in the news, residents of Escambia County in Florida are curious about the “Purple Alert” and want to learn more about it.

New “Purple Alerts” Help Find Missing Adults with Mental Disabilities

The woman, who is 33 years old and was last seen on West Fairfield Drive, was the subject of a Purple Alert that was issued late on Sunday night.

She was located and is in good health, according to a statement released by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office on Monday afternoon.

Since the first of July, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has started issuing what are known as Purple Alerts. Adults who have been reported missing who are believed to have mental, cognitive, intellectual, or developmental issues may be located through the use of a Purple Alert.

Purple Alert Criteria:

  • The individual has reached the age of majority and does not meet the requirements for a Silver Alert at either the state or the local level.
  • The individual in question does not suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or another sickness of a similar nature; but, they do have a cognitive impairment as a result of an intellectual or developmental disability, a brain injury, or another condition.
  • Following their investigation, the local police have determined that the person who has been reported missing is either in imminent danger or at risk of suffering significant physical damage and that they will need the assistance of the police in order to bring them back to safety.
  • There is a profile that could be utilized in the search for the person who went missing.
  • There is a report of a missing individual that has been received by the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC).
  • Turning it on is something that the local police department recommends.
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When a Purple Alert is issued, information regarding the incident is disseminated to individuals who have opted to receive it, shown on dynamic highway message signs if the signs are applicable, and reported by local media outlets such as NorthEscambia.com.


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