turning red why is the mom so big

Why is my mom so big?

In a blog post that went viral last week, a woman called Mei, who is a young child, asks her father why her mother is so big. Her father replies, “Because that side of her is large and destructive.”

Ming Lee, voiced by Sandra Oh, is a panda and Mei’s mom.

What does this mean?

This means that Mei’s mom has a side that is large and
Ming Lee’s panda is so big because that side of her is “large and destructive,” in the words of Mei’s father, who told us earlier that this was passed down from Ming to Mei through their genes.
The director Domee Shi says she was inspired by different tropes found in anime, which are full of colossal monsters. So it only makes sense to have one as big as a house for Mei and her family to face off against.

Pixar Theory: Why Ming's Panda Was SO BIG! - YouTube

Do You Know Why Mom's Panda is So Big in TURNING RED
The show has been renewed for a second season, and we are so excited to see what happens with Mei and her family.

Mei’s mom’s – Ming Lee, voiced by Sandra Oh – panda is so big because that side of her is “large and destructive”, in the words of Mei’s father and Ming’s …
2 days ago — Her overprotective mother Ming (Sandra Oh) explains to Mei that the spirit of the red panda, and the ability to transform into it, has been passed down through …

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