who killed barry allen’s mom

The Flash is a comic book and television series that first aired on October 27, 2014. The show stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, who is the Flash.
Seven days ago, the show’s creator, Geoff Johns, confirmed in a tweet who killed Barry Allen’s mother.

The Flash is a TV show about Barry Allen. His mother was killed by Professor Zoom, who traveled back in time and stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

2 days ago — All season long, “The Flash” has haunted and teased Barry Allen with the death of his mother, and ultimately, the potential to save her.

Why Did Eobard Thawne Kill Barry'S Mother? - answers walls

Barry's Mom is Killed | Nora Allen | The Flash - YouTube
But Wells was not the only murderer. Nora Allen had other secrets and she killed herself in order to protect her son.

Is Nora Allen Barry’s daughte · 7 days ago — Dr. Wells did indeed kill Barry’s mother — a mystery Barry has been investigating since the show’s beginning. But Wells …

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