how to say mom in japanese

No you don’t, but you might want to know how to say the words for mom in Japanese. Here are some of the words for mom in Japanese.

Japanese Mother’s Day

What is the relationship between Mother’s Day and Japan?

In Japan, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 8th.
What are some traditions for Mother’s Day in Japan?

Some of the traditions for Mother’s Day in Japan are: The day is observed by families,
In Japan, the word for mother is ‘okaasan’. There are a few different words that children say to refer to their mothers: okaachan or kaachan which means “mother” in English and OHYA/mama which means mom.

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The Japanese language is made up of three different alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. While the first two are used for writing words, the latter is used for writing parts of words, which is why it is often used to write compound words. For instance, in this blog we’ve seen that the word for “mother” can be written as Okaasan, Okaachan or Kaachan, but each word has a different meaning.

HAHA – 母; Hahaoya – 母親; Okaasan – お母さん お義母さん; Okaasama – お母様 お義母様; Ofukuro – お袋; Okaachan or Kaachan – かぁちゃん; MAMA – ママ.
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