why do i hate my mom

It’s a tough question that’s hard to answer because everyone’s reasons are different.

I often feel like my mom hates me and I don’t know why. Mothers are supposed to be your lifeline and answer all your needs, so it’s not unusual for children to harbor intense feelings of love and hate towards their mothers. There can be many reasons for this-such as feeling lonely or neglected, or being controlled by your mother- but you must remember that these feelings come from pain and frustration, not from cold or hateful motives. In some cases the hatred could mean that you’re protecting yourself from further despair because of some guilt associated with it. But regardless of what the reason is, hating someone who did nothing but do everything possible to bring you into this world will only hurt your relationship with them now more than anything else can!

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We hold intense bonds with our mothers. That intensity can make it difficult to move on, particularly if she’s still around, but there are ways you can work through this.

Your mother was once solely responsible for your vitality and responded to your every need. Therefore, we hold intense bonds with our mothers. That intensity¬†…

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