how to tell your mom your pregnant

It can be hard to tell your parents you’re pregnant. There are some really good ways to do it. Just be honest, and share how you feel about being pregnant with them. It might take a little bit for them to process their emotions, but it sounds like they’ll be supportive of you in the long run!

Here’s a couple ideas:
-buy a lottery ticket that says “you’re going to be an aunt” or “you’re going to be an uncle” on it when they buy one at the store
-tell them while they play dress up with their teddy bear or doll and put a baby outfit on the one who looks pregnant
-give them a sonogram photo frame so they can see their new grandbaby right away

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While all of these are great, the best way to tell your mom you’re pregnant is to just tell her.

25 Memorable Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to your Parents ; 1. Pregnancy Lotto Ticket ; 2. Baby Onesie ; 3. Sonogram Photo Frame ; 4. Wine Label ; 5. Fishing Hook.

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