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Luis Miguel is looking for his mother and nobody knows where she is. He last saw her 34 years ago when she went missing. Mossad agents informed the singer that his mother was last seen leaving a bank less than a year ago, so Luis Miguel met with them to find out more information. But, according to family members of Marcela Basteri who have come out this week, Rosa says the actress drowned and died shortly after but no one has been able to find any proof of that or about Marcela’s whereabouts in all these years.

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“I’ve been looking for her for 34 years, and I love her a lot. I don’t know if she is alive or not. But I always have hope that one day I will find her.”

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Miguel’s mom disappeared from his life 34 years ago, and nobody knows where she is or has heard from her since. The last time that the singer saw his mother was …

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