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What is the word for “mom” in Spanish? How do you say “mom” in Spanish? The word mom is two words and it is spelled word for word, tu mama. A great way to learn Spanish is to have your mom tell you a story every night before you sleep. Another way to learn how to speak Spanish well is by reading a book about your favorite animal in another language.

What’s the word for “mother” or “mom?” How would someone say “mother” or “mom” in Spanish? In English, the one-word phrase means “womb mother” and the two-word phrase means “mouthful of milk.” This term can be translated into other languages but many languages only use one label so it doesn’t need translation. It’s up to personal preference which people should choose at this point.

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Learning how to say your mom in Spanish may seem like a small feat but it is such a precious skill. With these two words, you can speak to your family and friends in their native tongue and make them feel more at home.

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How to say your mom in spanish. This is a two word phrase. It is word for word. Tu mama.You can learn spanish while you sleep. Great way to learn spanish.

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