who is john b mom

This is a very interesting theory and I’ll admit that I’d never thought of it before. Let’s do some more research and see where it goes. It seems like a stretch, but you never know.

ZBennettt, a TikTok user, posted a video theorizing that Carla is actually John B’s mom. While this could be true and it does seem less likely based on the description of events so far in the story, fans want to know more about John B’s missing mom and what she has to do with Carla. Outer Banks season 2: Who is Carla Limbrey?

Outer Banks Theory - LIMBREY IS JOHN B'S MOM! - YouTube

The truth is that it’s impossible to know for sure who Carla is. But what we do know is this: she never stops dancing.

TikTok user zbennettt posted a video and theorized that Carla is actually John B’s mom. While it’s a possibility that could be true, it seems less likely¬†…

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