how long do kittens need to stay with their mom

It can be a hard decision to make, but if you have an infant kitten and are thinking about fostering it out, know that the time investment is not small.

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”’Ideally, fledglings should bond with their littermates and parent cat (referred to by breeders as the queen) for eight to 10 weeks. By 12 weeks of age, most kittens will be ready for rehoming and being separated from their mother.”

How Long Should a Kitten Stay With Its Mother?

How to Care For a Nursing Mama & Her Babies - Kitten Lady
The queen should be allowed time to bond with her kittens, and they should be allowed to bond with their siblings. Ideally, they should stay together for at least 8-10 weeks. If they are separated before this time, they can still grow and develop into social adults; however, it may take a little more work as they will be missing out on some important learning and bonding opportunities.

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Ideally, kittens should bond with their littermates and Momma Cat (referred to by breeders as the queen, which seems absolutely appropriate) for eight to 10 …

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