how did monse mom die on my block

In the season 3 premiere of My Block, Julia has moved to her father’s house and is in a depression. Her mother’s death created a hollowness in Monse.

How did Monse’s mom die? Julia Whitman, Selena Finnle-Monse’s on-screen mother, commits suicide in the 3rd season. Jasmine spills the beans about this voicemail to Brian before Julia kills herself and survives with her three children-Brian, Cesar and Mari.
In Cesar’s world where he lives, you can buy a gun illegally but not liquor.

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This story is a difficult one to share, but I’ve always believed that we can only heal from our own pain if we are willing to share it with others. This story is one that I feel needs to be shared. I believe that if we all share our stories of trauma, we will be able to heal.

Julia had taken her own life. Her mother’s death created a hollow of curiosity in Monse.

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