how old do kittens have to be to leave mom

This is a hard question. They need to be old enough to eat the food you’re going to feed them.

Within six to eight weeks, kittens stop nursing and are ready to eat solid food. Within 12-13 weeks of age, they should stay with their mother or queen until they are developed physically and behaviorally. Ideally, kittens should bond with their littermates and the queen cat for 8-10 weeks.

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To determine your kitten’s age, count the number of rings around the gum line on the inside of the left ear. Count the rings from the outside of the ear to the middle of the ear canal. The first ring is the kitten’s approximate age in weeks.

Within six to eight weeks, kittens stop nursing, as their baby teeth are in place and they’re ready for solid food. RELATED: How to Determine Your Kitten’s Age …

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