when does caroline’s mom die

Caroline’s mom is dying! Ugh!
Caroline’s mom dies when…
On “The Vampire Diaries,” we’ve said goodbye to a number of characters. Liz Forbes died from cancer on (February 12) and Caroline’s heart broke into a thousand pieces. In the episode O Come All Ye Faithful, she was killed by Klaus because he is harboring deep-seeded anger against Tyler for betraying him and helping Elena get away with killing his vampire children.

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  The Vampire Diaries has never shied away from killing off major characters, and it’s not afraid to end a major relationship, either. For better or for worse, this show is all about the characters and relationships that make up Mystic Falls.

On “The Vampire Diaries,” we’ve said goodbye to a number of characters, both magical and human, but the most recent death could be the most tragic yet. Liz …

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