who is hailey bieber’s mom


Hailey’s mother is Kennya Baldwin, and she has a career in graphic design. She’s married to actor Stephen Baldwin.

Hailey seems to have had a strong relationship with her mother, Kennya Baldwin during her “normal” upbringing. In reality, Hailey’s mom is proud of what she did as a mother when raising Hailey as a celebrity

Hailey Bieber's Mom, Kennya Baldwin, Taught Her 1 Beauty ...

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Hailey and her brother, Justin, grew up with their mom and dad in Staten Island, NY. Kennya and Stephen were married in 1990.

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53-year-old Kennya Baldwin is the mother of two daughters, including Hailey. She is married to actor Stephen Baldwin and has a career in graphic design. She’s …

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