how do narcissist treat their mom

As children, the developing narcissist is initially cared for by their mother. For a narcissist, the mother is often the first person they blame for their problems. This can be because they are embarrassed to tell the father that they are having difficulties. It can also be because they don’t feel as close to their father, who may be absent or who they may feel is too demanding.

Narcissistic mothers often have a more difficult time than narcissistic fathers in raising their children. This
Narcissists have a problem with taking responsibility for their own problems. Narcissistic mothers are often seen as vacant and helpless, which is why they’re the best person to place all of the blame on. As children, the narcissistic child sees themselves as entitled to all of their mother’s attention and energy.

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Narcissists are expected to have a difficult time relating to their mothers. This lack of relationship is due to the narcissist’s lack of empathy and their tendency to blame their mother for their problems. In order to better understand the relationship, it is important to know the difference between a healthy mother and the narcissistic mother.

How a narcissist treats their mother depends to a large extent on who they come to blame for their problems. As children, the developing narcissist is initially¬†…

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