how to tell your mom you have a boyfriend

It sounds like you care a lot about this guy. If you feel it is time to tell your parents, be straightforward and calm when doing so. Make sure they know he has different beliefs than what they have and show them that he has qualities that are right for you as well.

When I was trying to find someone who believes in my culture, I wanted to make sure my parents knew it was important to me. When telling them, just say how much you enjoy being around him and how much of an understanding person he is with your beliefs. It’s important your parents understand why you want to give him a chance because

15 Right Ways To Tell Your Parents That You Have A Boyfriend

How To Tell Your Dad You Have A Boyfriend (13 Best Ways)
In order to tell your parents that you have a boyfriend, you need to be calm and straightforward. You will also need to know what your parents think of people who are different from you.

11. Approach your parents calm and straightforwardly. First, know what your parents think of people that do not have the same beliefs or culture as yours.

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